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Measures Dialog Box
When you click Home > Measures, the Measures dialog box opens. Use this dialog box to view measure values for a model currently active in the result window. Note that, you can only view measures for a single load set.
The Measures dialog box includes:
Results window—Displays the name of the Results window, Title, Study, Analysis and Load of the active result window. You cannot edit the information in these boxes. If you need more details on the definition, use Home > Edit to see the original version of the Result Window Definition dialog box.
Measures—Displays a scrollable list of Measure Name and their Value. You can select one of these measures and create Annotations. Use or to select or deselect all measures.
Create annotation—Create a result annotation for the selected measure. The annotation is placed off the model and contains the measure name and its value. A leader is created from the annotation to the location of measure. If you reorient the model, the end of the leader line that is on the model moves with the model.
To edit or delete an annotation, click Format > Edit, Format > Delete, or Format > Delete All. To export measures with annotations, create the annotations for the selected measures and then click File > HTML Report to create the report.