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HTML Report
Select Web Page option from the Type list on the Save As dialog box to publish results on the web. You can export multiple graphic results at a time using this command.
After you select Web Page, specify a location to which you want to save the HTML report file, or use the default directory which is the working directory. Type a name in the File name box and click Save. The Export HTML dialog box opens. This dialog box enables you to specify a title and enter introductory remarks, comments, and a conclusion for your web report. In the Item area, select the window you wish to annotate, and then enter your comments in the Comment section in the Content area. You can specify the format of the report in the HTML report preferences file.
Height and width measurements of the result graphics appear for all size options except Current View. In this case, results are the same size as they appear in the Creo Simulate result window.
* If the results are animated, Creo Simulate adds a “Play Animation” hyperlink to the bottom of the report. Click this link to view the animation in MPEG form.
You can also e-mail the HTML reports of the results of an analysis from the active window to the intended recipients using File > Send > Mail Recipient (As Attachment).
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