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Annotating Result Windows
Use Format > New to create or edit one or more annotations for a result window. You can use annotations to create notes about the results or the model, to point out specific results or features on your model, to make your result reports more meaningful to others, and so on.
You can customize annotations in many ways. If you want to include text, you can surround the text with a border and a background color. You can have leader lines, with or without arrows that point to one or more places on your model. Using the mouse sketch tools, you can be very creative by adding shapes or drawings to your annotation. Any part of the annotation can have its own unique color and you can place it anywhere on the active window.
When you click Format > New, the Note dialog box opens with the following options:
Text—Change the font, the font size, and the font color.
Note location—Select the location where you want the annotation text to appear. The annotation appears to the right of the point you select.
Leader—Create one or more leaders for the annotation. You select a point on your model and Creo Simulate draws the leader line from the annotation to that point. Use the arrow button to put an arrow at the end of the line. If you reorient the model, the end of the leader line that is on the model moves with the model.
Display leader arrow—Display an arrow at the end of the leader.
Mouse sketch—Create a circle, square, or multiple line shape.
Style—Open the Note Style dialog box.
Use the Preview button at any time to apply any changes you have made without closing the dialog box.