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To Customize Annotation Styles
This procedure assumes that you clicked the Styles button on the Note dialog box. The steps in this procedure are optional.
1. To change the font, select a font from the Style drop-down list.
2. To change the size of the font, enter a number in the Height scroll box.
3. To change the color of the font, click and select a color.
4. To surround the text with a border, select Draw Border.
5. Select Background, Solid, or None from the Color Fill Type drop-down listlist.
6. If you chose Solid, click and select a color.
7. To create the leader line:
Select the leader line thickness from the drop-down list.
Click to select the leader line color.
Click the desired button in the Arrow Style area to select the leader arrow appearance.
8. Select the thickness of the mouse sketch lines from the drop-down list and click to select a color for the lines.
9. Click OK to return to the Note dialog box.
Return to To Annotate a Result Window or Annotating Result Windows.