Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Annotating Result Windows > To Annotate a Result Window
To Annotate a Result Window
Steps 4 through 8 of this procedure are optional.
1. Select Format > New. The Note dialog box opens.
2. Enter the annotation text in the text box.
3. Click the Note location button, and then click the mouse on the result window where you want to place the annotation. The text you entered appears in the result window.
4. To include leader lines, click , and then click the point on your model where you want the leader line to start.
Creo Simulate draws the leader line from the point you click to the closest corner of the annotation.
5. To display or turn off the leader arrow at the end of the leader line, select or clear the Display leader arrow check box.
6. To draw a circle, square, or multiline shape on the result window, select , , or and use your mouse to create the desired shape.
7. To make changes to the font, text box, leader, arrow, or mouse sketch styles, click the Style button. The Note style dialog box opens.
8. When you finish making all changes to the annotation and styles, click OK.