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Click View > Appearance > Visibilities to open the Visibilities dialog box for defining the visual characteristics of the highlighted result windows. This command is not available for graphs.
The options on the Visibilities dialog box depend on the display type of your result window. For example, for a fringe plot, the options include coordinate systems, label, and legend. However, the contour labels option, which is specific only to contour plots will not be active.
The Visibilities dialog box includes the following toggles and option menus:
Labels—Displays a result description in the upper left corner of the result window. The contents of this area depend on the type of analysis and result window.
Coordinate systems—Displays the view coordinate system (VCS) of the model in the result window.
Legend—Displays the result window legend. This option is not available for the Model display type or infringed animations.
Coordinate system triad—Displays the coordinate system with respect to which a result quantity is displayed. If you specify the results for a quantity relative to a user selected coordinate system, this coordinate system is displayed in the result window when you select the Coordinate system triad check box. If you do not specify a coordinate system, the display triad shows the WCS. Clear this check box if you do not want to display the orientation of the results quantity.
Contour labels—Displays the contour labels for contour result displays.
Loads—Displays load icons where they are present
Constraints—Displays constraints icons where they are present.
Annotations—Displays annotations you define.
You can use the command to control the display format for multiple windows at once. To do so, use the SHIFT key and left-click to select the windows you want. Then click View > Appearance > Visibilities. Creo Simulate tailors the Visibilities dialog box to include only characteristics that are common to all of the selected windows.