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Use this check box to turn labels on and off in a result window. The labels are the lines of textual information shown in the upper left corner of each window.
Selecting the Label check box toggles the display of labels in the result window or multiple windows you select.
Any change you make to the labels with this command stays with the result window, stored in the .rwd file, until you edit the window definition or exit the Results user interface.
Each result window contains one or more of these labels, depending on how you define the window:
the selected quantity and its units, and any scale factor you specified for a graph
the maximum value in a contour, fringe, or vector plot
the minimum value in a contour, fringe, or vector plot
the maximum displacement value for a deformed model unless the quantity is stress or strain
the scale of deformation for structural analyses
the mode number and, if available, frequency, for modal analyses
the buckling load factor for buckling analyses
the load set, if available, for static, dynamic, and thermal analyses