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Working with the Results User Interface
When evaluating analysis and design study results, you work within the Results user interface. This user interface lets you view, evaluate, and manage results for your analyses and design studies. The Results user interface is independent of the Creo Simulate workspace. The way you open the Results user interface depends on the mode in which you are operating Creo Simulate.
Native mode—Click Home > Results to open the Results user interface.
FEM mode—Click Home > Run > Open FEM Results to open a .frd file. This file has the FEM mesh and analysis results for the model on your screen. If you have performed an analysis of your model using the MSC/NASTRAN solver, in addition to being able to view FEM mesh and analysis results, you can also have a direct access to a NASTRAN results .xdb file. For information on different ways of loading results, see Using the Postprocessor in FEM Mode.
You can also access the Results user interface without an active model in Creo Parametric. Click Home > Utilities > Simulate Results to display the results for native mode, NASTRAN results, or both the results for comparison.
The Results user interface includes the following items:
A ribbon with the File, Home, View, and Format tabs
Quick Access toolbar
Graphics toolbar
A graphics area where the results appear
Shortcut menus
A set of basic functions, and a built-in workflow for viewing results. Using this workflow you can perform the following functions:
Set up a variety of result views
Evaluate individual results
Control scaling and visualization of multiple results to compare one quantity of interest with another
The following buttons are located at the top right corner of the result window:
Creo Simulate Help—Opens the Creo Simulate Help
Command Search—Searches and highlights commands
Minimize the Ribbon—Expands and collapses the ribbon
A suggested workflow for your results follows:
1. Viewing results—Define result windows, display and hide them, and control how they appear on-screen and in your reports.
2. Evaluating results—Study the result windows you defined, probe specific areas of your model, and compare your findings for one model, design study, result quantity, or set of conditions with your findings for another.
3. Saving result windows—Save the set of result windows you created so that you can review or re-use them later.
4. About Saving Results in Creo Simulate—Prepare online reports for evaluation and presentation.
While this sequence represents the most linear approach to reviewing results, you may find that you move back and forth through these steps as you refine the result views you have set up.
Tip: You can perform many operations in the Results user interface against both single and multiple windows. For example, you can change backgrounds for multiple windows, rotate multiple result windows, and so forth.
To select a single result window, move your cursor to the window and left-click it. Creo Simulate highlights the selected window. To select multiple result windows, press the SHIFT key and left-click each of the windows you want.
When you select a desired geometry or coordinate system of a model in result window, you can either use Creo Parametric selection methods or Creo Simulate results window. For information on selecting geometry, see Selecting geometry in Results User Interface.