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Results User Interface Ribbon
Using the tabs on Results user interface ribbon, you can create and manage your results:
File tab—Provides commands that control the following basic functions of the Results user interface:
Save result definitions
Close result windows
Print result windows
Home tab—Provides commands for the following functions:
Define result windows
Modify result window definitions
Probe your model for items such as quantity maxima and minima, exact quantities at selected model locations, and view the measure values for a model
Display node IDs, element IDs, and node result values in FEM mode
View tab—Provides commands to view results related to the position of a model, shading, exploded state, overlays and on. You can also use this tab for the following functions:
Display or hide result windows
Start and stop animations
Control the visual characteristics of result windows
Define cutting planes
Define capping planes and manipulate multiple result windows within the Results user interface.
Format tab—Provides commands for performing the following operations:
Format color spectrums and scales
Define Annotations
Manage graphs
Compare results using the same scale.
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