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Basic Functions for the Results User Interface
The Results user interface provides a set of three commands that let you perform basic, low-level functions like opening a set of result windows or closing the Results user interface. These activities are generally preliminary to setting up a results session. You can find the all the three basic commands on the File tab.
Here is an overview of the basic commands:
New—Use this command to start a new results session.
Open—Use this command to open an existing set of result definitions and view the associated result windows.
Close—Use this command to close your results session.
Each of these commands clears the current contents of the Results user interface. When you select any of these commands, Creo Simulate prompts you to save any result windows currently defined for the results session. If you want to save the result windows, reply Yes. Creo Simulate opens the Save As dialog box. Use this dialog box to create a new .rwd file or save the result windows to an existing .rwd file.