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Using the Postprocessor in FEM Mode
You perform all evaluation of FEM analysis results using Creo Simulate's postprocessor. Before starting a results session, you should know how to enter the postprocessor and understand the function of the postprocessing tools.
You can enter the postprocessor:
Automatically—After you have run a FEM solver online, the system opens the postprocessor and loads an .frd file with FEM mesh and results, into memory.
By using the Home > Run > Open FEM Results command—Creo Simulate stores FEM meshes and analysis results in .frd files. You can choose to load the stored .frd file. Be aware that the software can only retrieve the file that contains both mesh and results and is compatible with the current model.
By selecting the Home > Results command—This action enables you to load the NASTRAN results database, which gives you an access to more types of available results. You can use this command only if you have performed an analysis of the FEM model on the MSC/NASTRAN solver and have a .xdb NASTRAN file available.
Once you enter the postprocessor, Creo Simulate displays the Results user interface that overlays the Creo Parametric work area and menu bar. You can use the Results user interface to view graphical representations of analysis results by creating and manipulating result windows.