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Viewing FEM Analysis Results
You can view FEM analysis results through the Results user interface, a graphical user interface that provides commands, menus, and functions you use to work with graphical results. The system opens the Results user interface when it enters the postprocessor. To learn how you can access the postprocessor, see Using the Postprocessor. To learn about commands and menus on the Results user interface, and how to work with it, see Working with the Results User Interface.
To view analysis results for your model, you need to define and display one or more result windows. A result window is a graphical display of your model's behavior as determined by an analysis. You can define a result window so that it:
displays a fringe plot of various quantities of interest, such as stress or strain. You can animate the fringe plot, show interior stresses, compare deformed states against original states, and so forth.
displays a graph of specific model quantities along edge curves
displays a model view showing displacements
When defining a result window, you can select from a variety of display types, quantities, and locations. The exact options and combinations available depend on the type of model and the analysis type you select when you define your analysis. Also, you can use only certain combinations of quantities and displays. For more information on defining your results window, see Result Window Definition Dialog Box.
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