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Linear Isotropic Materials
Select Linear as the Sub Type on the Structural tab of the Material Definition dialog box and use the Properties area to specify values for the following properties:
Poisson's Ratio — You must enter the name of a Poisson's ratio function or a value between –0.9999 and 0.4999. The default is 0.3.
Young's Modulus — You must enter a positive value or, if Young's modulus varies with temperature, the name of a Young's modulus function for this property.
Coeff. of Thermal Expansion — This property is optional, but you should enter a value if you plan to place a thermal load on the model.
You can define any of these properties as a function of temperature or assign a parameter value to define a property. You can either type a value or right-click and select Function to define a function or assign a Parameter as appropriate.
Each field that has a dimension can have its own units. Creo Simulate scales the values you enter when the units change.
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