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To define a parameter-specified property, right-click the material property text box and select Parameter. The Select Parameter dialog box appears. This dialog box enables you to select a Creo Parametric parameter.
Select a parameter from the dialog box. After you click Insert Selected, the parameter name appears in the text box next to the material property on the Material Definition dialog box.
Parameters that can be defined directly through the Material Definition dialog box are called reserved parameters.
Creo Simulate does not write parameters to the library but evaluates the parameters and writes their current value to the library.
If you have specified units for the value of the Creo Parametric parameter, Creo Simulate converts the parameter value to the principal system of units. For example, suppose you have created a Creo Parametric parameter to specify the Density of a material. The value of the parameter is 100 and the unit is gm/cm^3. The principal system of units for the model is millimeter Kilogram Second (mmKs). During calculation, the density of the material becomes 0.0001 kg/mm^3.
On the Material Definition dialog box, if you set units that are different from the principal system of units, Creo Simulate ignores these units during calculation.
Refer to the Fundamentals Help for more information on user parameters.