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Function—Material Properties
In Native mode, you can define Poisson's Ratio, Young's Modulus, and Coeff. of Thermal Expansion as a function of temperature.
* In FEM mode, you can not define any of these properties as a function of temperature. If you define temperature dependent material properties in native mode, and assign the material to a model in FEM mode, Creo Simulate ignores those properties in the FEM mode output or during the FEM online analysis run.
You can either type the name of a previously defined function of temperature or right-click the material property text box to select or create a temperature-dependent function.
You can use the Functions dialog box to select or create a function. Click File > New in the Functions dialog box. You can create, edit, or delete a function using the Function Definition dialog box that appears.
After you select or define a function and click OK, the function name appears in the text box next to the material property on the Material Definition dialog box.
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