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Beam Centroidal Principal Coordinate System
The origin of the beam centroidal principal coordinate system (BCPCS) is at the centroid, or mass center, of the section.
The Y and Z axes of this coordinate system are the principal axes that pass through the centroid of the section. The principal axes define the axes of maximum and minimum moments of inertia.
The location and orientation of the BCPCS relative to the BSCS is a function of the shape of the beam's section only. For general sections and all standard sections except channel and L, the BSCS is coincident with the BCPCS. For sketched, channel, and L sections, Creo Simulate determines the BCPCS automatically.
The BCPCS is sometimes referred to as the principal coordinate system. When you review properties for a beam section, Creo Simulate uses the BCPCS to report many of the values.
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