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Perimeter Weld Definition
Select Perimeter Weld as the type of weld on the Weld Definition dialog box. In addition to Name and Type the Weld Definition dialog box displays the following options:
References—Specify the surfaces to which you want Creo Simulate to attach the perimeter weld. Your selections appear in the References collectors.
Properties—If you select Perimeter Weld as the weld type, the following options are available:
Edges—Select the edges of the doubler surface. The weld is created along these edges. This selection is optional. If you do not select any edges, Creo Simulate uses all the edges from the base surface.
Thickness—Enter a value if you want to specify the thickness of the edges. Select the units from the list adjacent to Thickness or accept the default units which are in the principal system of units.
Material—Select a material for the weld. Select either the Base Part Material or the Doubler Part Material or click More to select a material from the materials library.
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