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To Create a Perimeter Weld
1. Click Refine Model > Weld. The Weld Definition dialog box opens.
2. Specify a Name for the weld or accept the default name. Click the color swatch adjacent to Name if you want to change the color of the weld icon or text displayed for the weld.
3. Select Perimeter Weld from the Type option menu.
4. If you did not select geometry before opening the Weld Definition dialog box, you can now select the doubler surface on which you want Creo Simulate to place the weld and the base surface to which the weld extends. The collectors in the References area display your selections.
5. Select one or more edges on the doubler that you want to place the weld on. The Edges collector in the Properties area displays your selections. Edge selection is optional.
6. Specify a thickness for the shell elements that will represent the perimeter weld in the Thickness area. Select units for thickness or accept the default units.
7. Select a material for the weld. Select either the Base Part Material or the Doubler Part Material or click More to select a material from the materials library. Ensure that a material is assigned to the model if you select Base Part Material as the material for the weld.
8. Click OK to complete the definition. The perimeter weld icon appears between the two surfaces.
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