Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Connections > Welds > Weld Definition Dialog Box
Weld Definition Dialog Box
Click Refine Model > Weld to open the Weld Definition dialog box. Create welds using the following options:
Name—Enter a name for the weld or accept the default. Click the color swatch adjacent to Name to change the color of the weld icon and text displayed.
Type—Select the type from the following. The References and Properties options change depending on the type of weld selected.
End Weld—Refer to End Weld Definition for details.
Perimeter Weld—Refer to Perimeter Weld Definition for details.
Spot Weld
—Refer to Spot Weld Definition for details.
Weld Feature Weld—Refer to Weld Feature Weld Definition for details.
References—Select the reference surfaces on which to create the weld. The options displayed for References depend on the type of weld selected.
Properties—Modify the weld properties. This area changes depending on the type of weld selected.