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About Welds
You can use welds in Creo Simulate to bridge the gaps that form during shell compression between plates that have been mated because they touch or overlap. You can create the following types of welds:
End Welds
Perimeter Welds
Spot Welds
Weld Feature Welds
When you work with native mode parts or assemblies that include compressed midsurface shells, you need to consider how you want Creo Simulate to treat mated and overlapping surfaces. Wherever the surfaces of a part or component modeled with midsurfaces mate or overlap with the surfaces of another component, Creo Simulate creates automatic midsurface connections between all contacting surfaces of the two components. Creo Simulate makes an exception for any surface where you create welds, fasteners, or rigid links. If you do not want Creo Simulate to apply automatic midsurface connections to given surfaces, you need to use one of the connection types just mentioned or assign free interfaces to those surfaces.
When using welded connections, note that stress in the weld may appear higher than it actually is, due to singularities that are areas of theoretically infinite stress, in the vicinity of the weld. Use welded connections when you are predicting the failure of the components in the structure, not in the weld itself. If you are interested in the stress in the weld itself, model this area using solid elements to accurately model the weld geometry.
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