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Multi-CAD Assemblies in Creo Simulate
You can work with assemblies that contain component parts created with different non-Creo CAD modeling tools. Non-Creo or foreign parts created with the following tools can be assembled as multi-CAD assemblies in Creo:
Non-Creo CAD Modeling Tool
Non-Creo Part and Assembly Name File Extensions
.CATPart, .cgr, .model,.CATProduct
The multi-CAD assemblies are Creo assemblies.
Click File > Open with All Files (*) selected as the Type to open a multi-CAD assembly in Creo Simulate. You can add simulation entities to the individual parts in the non-Creo assembly, create and run analyses, and view results in Creo Simulate.
Simulation entities are saved along with the part or assembly that retains its non-Creo name in Creo Simulate. Analyses and result files are saved with the names that you specify. You can continue to use the non-Creo tools to modify geometry after adding simulation entities to the non-Creo part or assembly.
Creo Simulate file extensions like those of mesh files (.mmp, .mma), FEM part and assembly mesh files (.fmp, fma) etc. are retained along with the non-Creo parts.
Refer to the Creo Unite and Assembly Help for more information on multi-CAD assemblies.