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Planning and Building Parts and Assemblies
There are a number of strategies you may want to consider when planning and building Creo Parametric parts and assemblies for use with Creo Simulate. These strategies can help you develop models that have faster mesh and solution times, promote a broad choice of shape changes that you can have Creo Simulate work with during sensitivity and optimization studies, and let you more easily identify components in your model or work with its parts.
Here are some techniques you can consider:
Keep your parts simple.
Use the geometry based Flexible Modeling tools to modify or edit the existing geometry of your model.
Suppress nonessential features.
Determine which aspects of your design you want Creo Simulate to change, and develop your parts and assemblies to allow these changes.
Most of the above guidelines focus on part planning and building, but some are valid for assemblies as well. To learn more about issues you should consider if you are working with assemblies, see Assembly Considerations.
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