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Simplified Assembly Representations in Creo Simulate
A model opened in Creo Simulate can be a simplified representation with component parts and subassemblies with the following lightweight representations:
Geometry—Includes only geometry and graphics data
Graphics—Includes only Creo Parametric graphics data
Light Graphics—Includes only Creo View graphics data
Symbolic—Includes information such as the location of the component
Boundary Box—Includes information such as the model outline
As you open and work with models with the above types of lightweight representations, keep in mind the following points:
The lightweight representations mentioned above are not included in a simulation analysis. They appear translucent in the model, regardless of their global display mode that may be shaded, wireframe, or hidden line.
Only components in the master representation, user defined representations, and substituted by family tree representations are included in meshing and analysis.
The component lightweight representations in a simplified representation do not appear at all in the simulation geometry review and in the FEM mesh-only display mode.
While defining the model in Creo Simulate you cannot select the geometry of any of the components with lightweight representation using the Search Tool, Model Tree, or screen selection.
If a model has simulation objects that reference geometry in lightweight representations, then these references are suppressed in the model.
In Creo Simulate standalone, click Set Up > Simplified Representations to open the Simplified Rep dialog box to create, edit, or delete a representation in an assembly. In integrated mode you need to switch to Creo Parametric to access the View Manager to create, edit, or delete a representation.
You can also use the Open Subset button on the File Open dialog box and create simplified representations of assemblies.
For more information on simplified representations, refer to the Creo Parametric Assembly Design Help.