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To Graph Measure Results
Before you can graph measure results, you must run an analysis or restore results from a previous analysis. If you select certain evaluation methods for dynamic measures, you must create the measure before you run the analysis.
1. Click Measures. The Measure Results dialog box opens.
2. Select either Measure vs. time or Measure vs. measure from the Graph type list.
3. Select a Measure for X-axis type from the list.
4. Select a measure from the Measures list or click to create a new measure.
5. Under Result set, select one or more analysis result sets from the current session.
6. To use a saved result set, click and select a saved results file from the Select playback file dialog box.
7. If you selected multiple measures or multiple result sets, click or clear the Graph measures separately check box to graph measures separately or in one graph.
8. Click to display the graph. If this is the first time in this session that you are graphing a measure for a result set, the progress of the measurement is displayed in Message area of the Main Window. When the measure results are complete, the Graphtool window opens.
9. To stop measurement calculation, click in the Message area. The Measure Results dialog box opens.
10. Set options in the Graphtool window to change the display of the graph, export the graph, or print the graph.
11. You can simultaneously view an analysis playback and track the value of your measure. When the measurement calculation is complete, close the Measure Results dialog box but do not close the Graphtool window.