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To Track a Measure During Playback
You can simultaneously view the playback of a result set and follow the change in a measure's value as the playback progresses.
1. Run an analysis or restore a result set.
2. Create a graph of a measure in the Measure Results dialog box.
3. Close the Measure Results dialog box but do not close the Graphtool window. You can move or resize the Graphtool window if necessary.
4. Click Playback. The Playbacks dialog box opens.
5. Select the result set or in-session analysis associated with the measure that you created in step 2.
6. Enter the information required.
7. Click . The Animate dialog box opens. Set the speed, direction, and duration of the analysis playback.
8. When you play back the result set, as your mechanism moves, a red vertical line simultaneously moves across the graph, tracking the measure's value.
* The options on the Animate dialog box also control the measure tracking line. For example, to sample the measure at a specific point in the analysis, click to stop the playback, and move the pointer to the position of the tracking line. A message appears with information about the measure's value.