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To Create Measures
Use the following options on the Measure Results dialog box to create, edit, copy, and delete measures:
Click to create a new measure. The Measure Definition dialog box opens. If you have a Mechanism Dynamics license, you can create several types of measures. Depending on the evaluation method you select, you may have to create your measure before running the analysis.
If you do not have a Mechanism Dynamics license, the only measures you can create are Position, Velocity, Acceleration, Separation, or Cam measures, and any System and Body measures that do not require mass definition.
To edit a measure, select a measure and click . The Measure Definition dialog box opens and diplays the information for the selected measure.
Click to copy a selected measure. Copies of the selected measures appear in the list. Measures are listed in alphabetical order.
Click to delete one or more selected measures from the list.
* In previous releases, Mechanism Design listed Degrees of Freedom and Redundancies as default measures when you opened the Measure Results dialog box. If you created your mechanism in a previous release, the predefined Degrees of Freedom and Redundancies measures appear in the list when you open your model in the current release, but you can now edit them or delete them from the list.