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About the Measure Results Dialog Box
Use the Measure Results dialog box to set up a graph of an analysis result set, view measure results and create new measures.
Click Measures to open the Measure Results dialog box. Select Measure vs. time or Measure vs. measure from the list in the Graph type area. The options vary according to the type of graph chosen:
To define the Y axis of the plot, select any existing measures, their values and status for a selected result set from the Measures table. If you select multiple measures, the graph displays a different colored curve for each measure.
When defining a Measure vs. measure graph, select a measure for the X axis of the plot.
When the Graph measures separately check box is selected, each plot is displayed on a separate graph. Up to 9 graphs can be separately displayed.
To graph a saved result set, select one or more result sets from previously run analyses in the Result set area. Each curve is displayed in a different color. If there are no result sets listed, select either of the following options:
Click . The Select playback file dialog box opens. Select a file from the list of saved result sets and click Open. The selected file appears in the list of result sets in the Measures table.
Click to graph the selected measure for the selected result set. If you have selected the result set for the first time in this session, when you click the progress of the measurement displays in the Message area of the Main Window.
When the measure results are complete, the Graphtool window opens. Use the options on this window to change the display of your graph, print it, or save it in tabular form. If you select one or more measures whose status is Not Computed, you cannot use the graphing option.
Click to create a parameter from the selected measure and the selected analysis. The parameter is given a default name (MDO_measure_name). When you first create a parameter from a measure, it is given the value of the measure at the last time step of the analysis. The value of the parameter remains constant until you update it on the Measure Results dialog box or until you change the value in the Parameters dialog box.
If you create a parameter, and then rerun an analysis, you must select the measure and analysis and click to update the value of the parameter with the value from the new analysis.
You can also use the Measure Results dialog box to create, edit, copy, and delete measures.
* For information on parameters, search the Help Center.