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To Cut Parallel Pipes at Specified Interval Length
Use the following procedure to cut a group of parallel pipe runs in a single operation. All cuts on the selected parallel pipe runs are created at locations that are at the specified interval length. Spec-Driven Piping allows you to automatically stagger the parallel pipe cuts when the joint fittings on a cut interfere with the joint fittings on another parallel pipe cut. The cuts on the target runs use a weld and joint fitting that is similar to the corresponding cut on the reference pipe run.
1. Click Cut. The Cut Pipe dialog box opens.
2. Click to cut parallel pipe runs at the specified interval length.
3. Under Select Pipe Segments, select the parallel pipe segments to cut.
4. Under Cut Placement Option, type a value in the Interval Length box to cut the parallel pipe runs at the specified intervals.
The first selected pipe run is cut at the specified interval. All other selected pipe runs are cut at similar locations. The cuts on the parallel pipe runs are aligned with the cuts on the first pipe run.
5. Click Joint Fitting under Miscellaneous Options to insert a joint fitting at the cut, and specify the name of the joint fitting. The cut does not have a joint fitting by default.
The Bolt Nut Code box displays a default bolt nut code for a flange. Select another code from the list to change the default code.
The Field option in the Weld Type list is selected by default for a weld. Select Field if it is not selected to assign a field weld attribute to the cut. Field welds with unique identification numbers are created at each cut location.
6. Under Parallel Pipe Cutting, specify the following options:
Min. Clearance—Specifies a value for clearance checking between flange joint fittings. Type a new value to override the default value specified by the piping_joint_fitting_clearance configuration option. This value is used for automatic clearance checking.
Offset Distance—Specifies a value for staggering pipe cuts that are associated with joint fittings. If joint fittings associated with cuts on parallel pipelines interfere with each other, the cuts are staggered by the specified distance to avoid the interference.
7. Click OK to insert the cuts on parallel pipe runs at the specified interval length locations and close the Cut Pipe dialog box. Alternatively, click Apply to insert the cuts and continue inserting cuts with the Cut Pipe dialog box.
* You can use a part number to manufacture pipe solids of the same length. However, Spec-Driven piping considers each pipe solid as unique.