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Assigning a Weld Type
You can assign a shop weld attribute or field weld attribute at pipe piece cut locations. If a welded sleeve or coupling is automatically inserted during the pipe piece cutting process, then a shop or field weld is automatically assigned to the cut location based on the weld option currently specified.
When a flange is specified for automatic joint fitting insertion, the weld assignment option is disabled.
The field weld information is used by the Pipe Spool Generation functionality to generate pipe spools and number them. The Piping Isometric Drawing functionality uses both the shop weld and field weld information to mark the shop or field welds on isometric drawings.
The shop or field welds are graphically represented and have a unique identification number, which is automatically generated. For example, shop weld numbers are SW1, SW2, and so on.
At any time during modeling, on the Graphics toolbar, click and then click to display or hide the shop or field welds.
When cutting a set of parallel pipes at a location identical to the location on the reference pipe, the cut on the target segment is created with the same weld type as that of the corresponding cut on the reference segment.