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About Cutting Pipe Pieces
Use Cut Pipe to split a pipeline into pieces that can be fabricated. Cut Pipe allows you to alter the length of pipelines by splitting a straight segment into shorter raw pipe blanks, or cutting the pipe at a specific location to generate the desired spool.
The piece cutting functionality allows you to perform the following tasks:
Cut a pipeline at a specified location.
Cut a straight pipe run at multiple locations by specifying the stock length or using a user-specified length of pipe.
Specify a cut location by referencing other objects such as an adjacent pipe segment, a hull structure, or a data reference plane.
Specify a cut location by an offset distance.
Cut all parallel pipe runs at locations identical to the reference pipe run.
Cut all pipe segments at locations where pipelines intersect with the block boundary.
Automatically insert joint fittings at the cut location during piece cutting.
Assign shop or field weld attributes.
Generate pipe spool pieces based on cuts.