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About Welds
Welds are inserted at the physical location of a pipe cut or a fitting port. Welds on a pipe cut are implied welds and are usually field welds. Welds on a fitting port are shop welds. When you export pipeline data to a PCF file, an implied weld is exported without attributes, but a shop weld is not exported. To export a shop weld with parameters or parameters for an implied weld, you must define them in the Weld dialog box:
When you set parameters for a weld the weld number is automatically incremented by one. When you delete a weld, the number is deleted creating a gap in the numbering. Setting parameters for a new weld does not fill the gap, it creates a new incremental number.
Use the Set Display dialog box to display weld numbers in the graphics window. When a fitting with welds is replaced in a piping assembly by another of fitting, the welds assigned to the original fitting are transferred to the corresponding ports of the new fitting.