Piping > Piping System Tree > Pipeline Display Settings > To Set Pipeline Display Options from Set Display Dialog Box
To Set Pipeline Display Options from Set Display Dialog Box
1. In an active piping assembly, click Setup > Set Display. The Set Display dialog box opens.
2. Click and select one or more pipelines in the Graphics window or Model Tree.
3. Click OK in the Select window. The pipeline appears in the Select pipeline(s) list.
4. Select an option from the Display Options list to change the action:
Pipeline—Shows or hides an entire pipeline.
Pipeline Label—Creates, shows, hides or deletes a pipeline label.
Spool Label—Shows or hides a pipeline spool label.
Flow Direction—Shows or hides the flow direction arrows of a pipeline.
Pipe Solid—Shows or hides the solid representation of a pipeline.
Valve Number—Shows or hides the valve number of a valve fitting.
Insulation—Shows or hides the solid representation of a insulation.
Weld Number—Shows or hides the weld numbers of a pipeline.
5. Select one of the Action Options:
Show—Displays the selected option.
Hide—Hides the display of the selected option.
Create—Creates a pipeline label.
Delete—Deletes the pipeline label.
6. Click Apply to apply the changes and repeat steps 5 and 6 to set additional Display Options.
7. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.
When you add a property, you may need to set the display options again to display the new property's value. You can use the right mouse button shortcut menu in the Model Tree to set some of these properties. Display options set in Piping are visible in Assembly, but can be edited only in Piping.