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To Create a Datum Target Annotation Feature
1. Define the active annotation orientation before creating the first annotation in any session.
2. Click Annotate > Datum Target Annotation Feature. The Datum Target Annotation Feature dialog box and the Add Annotation dialog box open simultaneously.
3. Click one of the following options in the Add Annotation dialog box:
Datum Feature Symbol— Create a datum feature symbol.
Existing Annotation—Select an existing datum feature symbol.
4. On the Add Annotation dialog box, Click OK. The DFS you defined or selected is added to the Annotation Feature dialog box.
5. Click to add a datum target symbol. Select a reference to place the datum target symbol. The datum target symbol is placed on the selected reference with a leader.
6. Click OK in the Annotation Feature dialog box.
* When you place a datum target on a model, you can enter the dimension callouts manually in the Size & References width and height boxes in the Datum Target tab. All type of datum target support callouts. You can enter callouts from any features or parameters.