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About Datum Target Annotation Features
A Datum Target Annotation Feature (DTAF) is a type of Annotation feature that can contain only two types of Annotation Elements. They are Datum feature symbol Annotation Element (DFSAE) and Datum Target Annotation Element (DTAE). A DTAF must contain a single SDTAE. Inclusion of DTAEs in DTAF is optional.
You can use the DTAEs in DTAFs to specify datum target geometry, such as, datum point, datum curve, target area, and model edges.
Note the following points about DTAFs:
You can place DTAFs on layers.
The naming convention for DTAF is Target Annotation n. Creo Parametric increments n by one in the new DTAF each time you add a DTAF to the Model Tree. The glyph represents a DTAF in the Model Tree.
You can search for DTAFs by setting in the Search Tool dialog box Look for and Look by to Feature, selecting Type and setting Value to Has Datum Target Annotations. The Search Tool dialog box opens when you click Edit > Find.