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To Add Symbols to a 3D Model
To add symbols to a 3D model, in Part or Assembly mode:
1. Define the active annotation orientation before creating the first annotation in any session.
2. On the Annotate tab, in the Annotations group, click the arrow next to Symbol.
3. Select one of the following buttons from the list.
Custom Symbol—Lets you create custom instances from generic definitions using Custom Drawing Symbol dialog box.
From Palette—Lets you create symbol instances using the Symbol Instance Palette: draw_symbol_palette, which is a .dwg file dedicated to storing frequently used symbol instances. These symbols are usually simple symbols, without graphic groups or variable text.
Symbol Gallery—Opens the SYM GALLERY menu, which lets you define new symbols, change symbol definitions, and perform other tasks working with symbols.
4. Place the symbol. The symbol can be attached directly to a surface or other entity, or attached by leaders. It will be placed parallel to the selected Annotation plane. For more instructions on defining symbols, or using the Symbol Palette or the Custom Drawing Symbol dialog box, see the documentation for Detailed Drawings.