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To Create a Punch NC Sequence by Referencing Tool Shape
For this type of NC sequence, the punch locations are determined by matching the reference part geometry (edge contours) with the shape of the tool. Define the tool shape either by the tool parameters or the tool part geometry. A good example of this NC sequence is using a round punch to punch all the existing holes of a certain diameter: once the tool shape is specified, all the holes that can be punched with it are selected automatically.
The system performs partial matching as well, i.e., matches a circular tool to all arcs with the same radius, including those on the outer contour of the reference part (i.e., Notches).
This type of Punch NC sequence can also be created automatically using the Auto Tool option.
1. From the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, select the NC Seq tabbed page.
2. Click New > Tool Shape. The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens and the SELECT PART menu appears. The following options are available:
Name— Enter a name for the NC sequence. This name replaces the default NC sequence name.
Parameters—Specify manufacturing parameters.
Comment—Use the system editor to enter comments about the NC sequence.
Info—Displays a summary of NC sequence and parameter information.
Next—Go to the next NC sequence.
Preview—View the NC sequence using the SMT MFG NCL PLAYER.
3. From the TURRET SETUP dialog box, define the tool and click Done.
4. Click Select from the SELECT PART menu. Select an appropriate reference part. The system finds all edge contours that match the tool shape and generates a default tool path by creating a hit at each matching location. If no matches are found an error message is displayed.
5. Click Done.
6. To use any of the optional elements, choose the one you want, then click Define. The following options are available:
Remove Hits—Select hits to be deleted from the tool path.
CL Command—Insert CL commands at selected hits.
Change Order—Change the order of the strokes and hits within the stroke.
7. Click Done.