Creo NC Sheetmetal > Press Punch NC Sequences > To Create a Form NC Sequence
To Create a Form NC Sequence
1. From the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, click NC Seq.
2. Click New > Forming. The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens. Select one or more of the following options:
Name—Specify a name for the NC sequence. This name replaces the default NC sequence name.
Parameters—Specify manufacturing parameters.
Comment—Specify comments about the NC sequence.
Info—Displays a summary of the NC sequence and parameter information.
Next—Go to the next NC sequence.
Preview—View the NC sequence using the SMT MFG NCL PLAYER.
3. Define form element.
4. Select a reference part to create a Form NC Sequence.
5. Select forms to create a From NC Sequence.
6. Click Done Sel.
7. If required, click CL Command and click Define. This inserts new CL commands at selected hits.
8. Click Done.
All Form features included in an NC sequence must use the same tool.