About Multiple Tool Nibbling
You can simplify the creation of nibbling NC sequences necessary to punch out part profiles by using multiple tools. To access Multiple Tool, select Multiple Tool from the options in the SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box, and click Define. The Multiple Tools dialog box opens with the following options:
Nibbling—Manually assigns tools to edges.
Change Tool for Edge—Assigns a new tool for a single edge.
Specify Edges for Tool—Assigns edges for the selected tool.
Auto Select—Automatically assigns tools to edges.
Recognize—Manually assigns edges to tools.
Exclude Edge/Vertex—Excludes an edge or vertex for a specified tool.
Include Edge/Vertex—Includes an edge or vertex for a specified tool.
Show Section—Displays the tool section.
Add New—Select a new tool from the Tool List dialog box.
Remove—Select a tool to remove it from the Tool List dialog box.
Assign manufacturing parameters to individual tools.