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To Select Edges and Specify Check Edges
Selecting Edges
You can select noncontinuous edges, chains, and loops using the Select Edges dialog box. Select the NC Seq tabbed page from the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box. Click New > Nibbling. Select Check Edges and click Define. The Select Edges dialog box appears.
The Select Edges dialog box contains the following options:
Include—Include edges.
Exclude—Exclude previously selected edges, chains, or loops.
Edge—Select individual edges of reference parts.
Chain—Select a chain of edges. You are prompted to select the first edge. Then the whole loop is highlighted and you are prompted to select the second edge. One of the chains between the two edges is highlighted in red.
Loop—Select a closed loop of edges (e.g., the whole perimeter of the reference part) by selecting an edge that belongs to the loop. The system finds the whole loop based on the selected edge and highlights it. With this selection method, if you later modify geometry of the reference part but leave the original edge intact the system regenerates the nibbling NC sequence around the new contour.
Show Edges—Display edges selected for the NC sequence (e.g., after Repaint).