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About Nesting Reference Models
Nesting functionality enables you to add, move, and pattern reference parts in a Sheet Metal manufacturing model.
Nesting is based on cells. A cell consists of one or more reference parts. A cyan rectangle encloses the reference part(s) to make it easily recognizable during nesting procedures. Only reference parts you add during the nesting process are in a cell.
When you select Nesting from the Parts tabbed page, the following commands are available:
Create—Define a new cell for nesting reference parts.
Redefine—Redefine an existing cell by adding, moving, or deleting reference parts.
Delete—Delete an existing cell. You can remove all parts included in the cell from the manufacturing model. The system prompts you to confirm your selection if you choose this command.
Blank—Remove a cell from the display of the manufacturing model.
Unblank—Redisplay a blanked cell. If more than one cell is blanked, the CHOOSE menu appears. The CHOOSE menu includes the commands Accept, Next, Previous, and Quit. Use one of these commands to select the cell(s) that you want to unblank.
Multiply—Create a pattern of cells.
Modify Dims—Enable you to modify all dimensions, including drag distances and angles, as well as nesting gaps and increments.
Info—Provide information on the total area of sheet metal, total area of nested parts, wasted area, and percentage of wasted sheet over total sheet surface. It also lists the names of the reference parts, and how many parts of this name are currently placed on the sheet.