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To Set Autonesting Defaults
1. From the Parts tabbed page on the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, click Automation. The SMT MFG AUTOMATION dialog box appears.
2. From the SMT MFG AUTOMATION dialog box, select the Defaults tabbed page. The following options are available:
Quantity—Determine the quantity of parts.
Grain Alignment (check-box)—Align the part to the grain.
Flip Allowance (check-box)—Allow part flip.
Offsets—Click one of the following options:
Outer—Set to the default profiling tool width.
Inner—Set to the inside profiling tool width.
Rotation Angle—click one of the following options:
Any—All angles are valid.
Step—Rotate the model in 90 degree increments, or steps. The default step is 90 degrees.
Priority Weight—Sets the default priority weights.
Clustering (check-box)—Invokes True Shape nesting
Max Length—Maximum length of the cluster. The machine zone size is the default value.
Max Width—Maximum width of the cluster. The machine zone size is the default value.
Repeat Factor—Specify the amount of time to optimize the cluster.
Use Holes (check-box)—Invokes part-in-part nesting.
Minimal Hole Area—The minimum hole size for part-in-part nesting.
3. Modify the defaults as desired.