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About Autonesting
Autonesting is an advanced system of sheet metal nesting. It provides dynamic packaging capabilities, which allow you to package sheet metal reference parts (along with existing NC sequences, if desired) and cells of parts from existing manufacturing models automatically.
You can easily change the number of the nested instances, customize the offsets between the models, and select nesting algorithms to create an ideal balance of performance and packaging optimization.
SMT MFG Automation Dialog Box
The SMT MFG AUTOMATION dialog box controls the entire autonesting process. It consists of a menu bar, 4 tabbed pages, and 3 buttons.
You can access the SMT MFG dialog box by clicking Automation on the Parts tabbed page.
There are 3 buttons available in the dialog box:
Done—Complete the autonesting process and create the new manufacturing model.
Cancel—Quit the autonesting process.
Preview—Preview the nest.