Creo NC Sheetmetal > Nesting > To Define a New Cell
To Define a New Cell
1. Select the Parts tabbed page from the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box.
2. Click Create from the NESTING menu.
3. Click Add Part from the NEST CELL menu.
4. The Open dialog box appears. Select the part.
5. The PART PLACE menu appears with the following options:
DragOrigin—Create or select a coordinate system on the reference part (the reference part is displayed in a sub-window). All Nesting data is with respect to this origin.
LinearIncr—Enable you to enter a value for the linear drag increment.
AngularIncr—Enable you to enter a value for the rotational drag increment.
Specifying the linear and angular drag increments is optional. The effect is similar to the grid snap in Sketcher (e.g., you might want to enter the rotational increment of 90). Entering a drag increment of 0, at any point, is equivalent to "grid snap off."
6. The highlighted contour of the reference part starts following the cursor as you move it. The tip of the cursor corresponds to the position of the coordinate system origin. Place the part using the mouse buttons:
LEFT—Finalizes the placement of the part.
MIDDLE—Pauses. The LinearIncr and AngularIncr options are available for you to change the drag increments. You cannot, however, change the drag origin at this point. Click Done to continue the placement process. To quit the whole process of adding a part, click Quit.
RIGHT—Switches between dragging and rotating the part.