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Workflow to Publish and View Augmented Reality Experience
You must have a PTC user account to publish and share the augmented reality experience models.
1. Open a part or assembly in Creo.
2. On the Tools tab, click Target, and select one of the following:
Spatial Target—Opens the Spatial Target tab. Use the options on the tab to specify the location on which the model will be augmented to a horizontal surface.
ThingMark—Opens the ThingMark tab. Use the options on the tab to place and manipulate the ThingMark.
The ThingMark or the spatial placement feature is added under Augmented Reality, under the footer in the Model Tree.
3. Publish the augmented reality experience to the Vuforia Experience Service using the Publish dialog box.
4. Click Manage Models to share the experience model with others by email.
You will be presented with an authentication dialog box the first time you publish or share the experience model in the session. Use your PTC credentials to authenticate. The login is retained for a session.
To View the Augmented Reality Experience Models
1. Download Vuforia View on your handheld device from the following:
2. Click the Experience link. Vuforia View opens. You do not need to authenticate to view the augmented reality experience published to the Personal Experience Service. If the experience is published to a Premium service, an authentication dialog will appear. Provide your PTC credentials.
If you do not have the access to view the model, an error message will appear. Ask the author of the model to add you as a viewer for the model.
3. Depending on the target, do one of the following:
Select the surface on which you want to augment the model. The augmented model is anchored to the selected surface. The default experience allows you to rotate, translate, and zoom into the model.
Point to a ThingMark. Because ThingMarks are not unique, you can point to any available ThingMark to view the experience. The default experience allows you to rotate and scale the model.
Vuforia View reads the data from the server and prepares the experience based on the configuration in Creo. You can bookmark an experience.