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To Publish Models to AR Experience
You must be logged in as a PTC customer to publish and share the augmented reality experience. Enter your PTC credentials for authentication.
1. Click Tools > Publish Model. THE IMPORTANT DATA TRANSFER NOTICE dialog box opens.
If you do not want to see this dialog box, set the value of the ar_controlled_data_disclaimer configuration option to no. Click Read more in the dialog box to navigate to the article that provides details on the data transfer notice.
2. Click OK. The Publish Experience Model dialog box opens.
If you are not authenticated to the Vuforia Experience Service, the authentication dialog box will open. Enter your PTC credentials to authenticate.
3. Provide a unique name for the experience model in Model Name.
If you do not specify a unique name, the previously published experience model will be overwritten, for the selected experience service.
4. Select a value from the Viewable quality list to set the geometry publishing quality level.
5. From the Publish To list, select the experience service to which you want to publish the experience model.
The configuration option publish_personal_AR limits your ability to publish models to personal account. By default, the option is set to yes*, which allows you to publish your models to personal accounts regardless of whether you have access to any premium account. If set to no, the option restricts you from publishing models to personal account.
If you publish your models to personal accounts:
You can publish up to 10 experience models. You can delete any of the published model to create space to publish an additional model.
An experience model will be automatically deleted from the Vuforia Experience Service after six months of publishing.
There are no restrictions on viewing the models published to the Personal Experience Service. Anyone with a valid link can view the model.
6. Select one of the following options in the Content list:
 Current state—The default combined state is published as part of AR experience.
 All published combined states—All combined states are published as part of AR experienced provided that they are enabled for publishing. To enable publishing for a combined state, right-click the combined state name on the Annotate tab and select Publish. Alternatively, you can enable publishing for combined states from the View Manager dialog box.
7. Select a spatial target from the Model Tree or the graphics window. The name of the selected feature is automatically populated in the Target box.
8. Click OK.
If you are publishing to a Premium Experience Service for the first time in the current session, an authentication dialog box will appear. Enter your PTC credentials and click OK in the authentication dialog box.
If you face any errors while publishing the models, refer to the std.err file generated in the working directory. You can open this file in any text editor. This file lists errors in the following format.
HTTP status code:
<HTTP code>
HTTP response: