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About Augmented Reality Experience for CAD Design
You can quickly add an augmented reality (AR) experience for your design from Creoand visualize it through Vuforia View. On the Tools tab, use the options in the Augmented Reality group to define a spatial target or ThingMark on which you want to augment your model and publish it to a hosted Vuforia Experience Server.
You can publish the experiences of your design to the Personal and Premium Experience Services, visualize them directly from Vuforia View, or share them with your colleagues.
You can publish up to 10 experience models of your design using the Personal account. An experience model will be automatically deleted from the Vuforia Experience Service after six months of publishing. There are no restrictions on viewing models published to the Personal Service. Anyone who has the link to the experience model can visualize the experiences published to a Personal Experience Service.
You require a Premium account to publish experiences to a Premium Experience Server for your organization. Publishing experiences to a Premium Experience Server provides better control of publishing, sharing, and viewing experiences. Administrators can add or remove users, manage permissions, and manage experiences published to a Premium Experience Service. One must be added as a viewer for an experience model to be able to view the Experience.
The ar_publish configuration option must be set to yes to publish or manage AR Experience models.
You can view the models published from Creo for viewing in AR, on the Microsoft HoloLens headset. Consider reducing the Viewable quality to Low for large models to render properly on HoloLens.