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To Share an Experience Model
You can share the augmented reality experience model for your design with others.
1. Click Manage Models The Experience Portal home page launches in the embedded browser in Creo.
If you are not authenticated in the current session, the Login page will appear. Use your PTC credentials to authenticate.
The tabs for the Personal and all Premium Experience Services to which you have access are displayed.
2. To share an Experience model published to the Personal Experience Service, click next to the model. A pre-generated email with a link to the experience model appears. Send the email to whom you want to share the models.
On the portal, set the Access to Restricted to restrict the experience to only those with whom you have shared the model. The PublicAccess allows all to view the experience.
You can delete the published models in any sequence irrespective of the date of creation.
If you share a model that uses a ThingMark target, the email will contain a link to a webpage with a ThingMark image. Authentication is not required to access this page. This ThingMark is scaled to the same width that is set in Creo. You can print this ThingMark at full size.
3. To share an Experience model published to a Premium Experience Service, do the following:
a. Click the required tab. An authentication dialog box appears.
b. Enter your PTC credentials to authenticate to the Premium Experience Service for your organization.
c. Click to share the model with others. The Share Experience dialog box opens. You can use the following options:
Email Link opens a pre-generated email that you can send to the viewer.
Copy Link copies the link to the experience model. You can send the link to the viewer in an email or a message.
Only authorized viewers can view an Experience Model published to the Premium Experience Service:
Click to view the list of users who have view access to an experience model.
Click to add a viewer. The Add Viewer dialog box appears. Enter the email ID of the user with whom you want to share the model and click Add.
Click to delete a user from the list. The deleted user will no longer be able to view the model.
You can delete a model published to a Premium Experience Service, by clicking under Delete for a model. The model is removed from the list and is no longer visible to the viewers.