To Compare two Versions of the Same Part in Pro/INTRALINK
You can compare an earlier version of a part with its current version in the Pro/INTRALINK Commonspace.
1. Open the earlier version of the part in the Creo application.
The earlier version of the part must always be in the active session.
2. Click Analysis > Compare > By Feature. The File Open dialog box opens.
3. Click to browse the Pro/INTRALINK Commonspace for the comparison model.
4. Select the latest version of the part that is currently in session and click Open. The Version Conflict dialog box opens because the part that you are trying to open has the same name as the object in session.
5. Specify an alternate name for the part in the Version Conflict dialog box and click OK. The system saves the iteration under the specified file name and generates the feature comparison report.
This functionality does not work for family tables.