About Model Comparison
You can generate a tabular report of the differences between two parts, assemblies, or drawings of the same part. Comparing versions of the same object is useful in a concurrent engineering environment because you can then view the specific changes each time the object was checked out. You can also use this report to view how a part has changed over a period of time.
You can create a difference report that compares the object configurations as follows:
Version history—Compares the latest iteration of the version selected.
Iteration history—Compares two iterations of a specific object version.
As a part of the checkin.
For example, for two versions of the same part, each version contains the same basic part with the same basic features, but the dimensions of the features may differ. You can compare the parts to analyze the difference in size between the two versions. A list of the modified features along with the features that only exist in one of the part files is displayed in the Creo browser window.
Model comparison is not valid for family tables.