About the Windchill ProjectLink Connection
You can access Windchill ProjectLink from your Creo session in two ways:
Add the Windchill ProjectLink connection to the Connections navigator and access the Windchill ProjectLink functionality using the Creo browser.
Register your project with the Creo application using File > Manage Session > Server management or from within the Windchill ProjectLink page. You can then access the registered project by using the Folder navigator or File > Open, File > Save, or File > Save As > Save A Copy commands.
Primary vs. Secondary
A Creo application is designed to use multiple data servers of different types. Typically you will work with one server that will become the default location for most storage and retrieval actions. The Creo application allows you to identify this server as a primary server and provides you with enhanced access. The advantages of having a primary server are:
Direct save of Creo files to the primary servers active workspace.
When retrieving an object, the Creo application always looks in the active workspace on the primary to retrieve first.
When saving an object, the Creo application always looks in the active workspace on the primary server first.
From the Creo file menu, you have direct access to check out, check in, undo check out, upload, and update functions.
The ability to check out objects on-the-fly.
After you register a primary server, any other server that you register is considered a secondary server. The Creo user interface does not provide direct access to database actions. Instead, you must store objects to the active workspace and use the workspace controls for database actions.
Using Windchill ProjectLink as a File Repository
If you want to use a particular project in Windchill ProjectLink as a file repository that you can access from your Creo session, you must register it with the Creo application. When you register a Windchill ProjectLink server, you must also specify the active project.
Use one of these methods to register a project:
From within Windchill ProjectLink—Go to the Connections navigator and access Windchill ProjectLink in the Creo browser. In Windchill ProjectLink, locate your project and click the register action.
Using the Server Management dialog box—Click File > Manage Session > Server management to open the Server Management dialog box.
The Windchill ProjectLink server cannot be set as the primary server.
After you registered a project, a shortcut to your project appears in the Folder navigator and the corresponding connection is added to the Connections navigator. You can also access your project files using the File Open, Save, or Save a Copy dialog boxes.